Who we are

Cluster de la energía

We are a group of 94 companies and organisations brought together through the Cluster Association of Environment Industries (ACLIMA) and the Basque Country'sEnergy Cluster.

The group constitutes 80% of the companies operating in the Basque Eco-industry and Energy sectors in terms of turnover and employment.

We are R+D enterprises and organisations with an international presence and an international commitment. We co-operate to come up with solutions that are avant-garde, competitive and comprehensive throughout the value chain.

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What we do

We offer the national and international market cleantech solutions for the environment and energy in order to contribute towards a sustainable lifestyle in all sectors of activity: primary, industrial, residential, transport, institutional and services.

We engage in R+D+i, consulting, engineering, manufacture of capital goods and systems, construction and running of ventures, and all types of associated technological services.

Where we are

We are established in the Basque Country, a coastal region in Southern European, from where our work is projected towards the world, thanks to our initiative and highly favourable geographical, economic, cultural, logistic and socio-political conditions.

The Basque Country, briefly

Our hallmarks.
We are a Country with a great historical, cultural and economic vitality, the fruit of a strong collective feeling and a considerable capacity for business initiative. We have significant distinctive features of a cultural, economic, industrial and fiscal nature, and we enjoy a high degree of political autonomy (Autonomous Government, Provincial Councils) and fiscal autonomy (our own Treasury).

Geographical and demographic profile.
With a surface area of 7,234 km² and a population of over 2 million, the population density is close to 300 inhabitants per km². We form part of the Spanish State bordering on France to the north and the Cantabrian Sea.

Industrial and economic strength.
We had a per capita GDP index of 136 in 2009 (compared with the average index of 100 of the EU), which makes us the second country in the EU after Luxembourg in terms of purchasing power.
One of the reasons for this economic strength is our centenary industrial tradition that has enabled Basque industry to be competitive and have a high level of participation in external markets in general, and in the European in particular.

For further information: www.euskadi.net

Cleantech projects

Plant to obtain biocoal (biocarbon) in Urnieta (Gipuzkoa)

Biomass The innovative project applies Torspyd technology for biomass roasting and its subsequent reuse as a fuel in co-combustion in thermal power plants as an alternative to fossil carbon and oil derivatives in both industrial and domestic applications.

Interconnection of energy efficient household appliances

Systems & applications Participation in the BeyWatch European project for the design of an integral energy monitoring and control system: domestic supply and use using the interconnection of energy efficient household appliances.

Energy crops

Biofuels Integral energy crop development projects. Agronomic advice.