15 reasons for choosing us

Our strengths and opportunities in cleantech markets:

01. Solvency and dependability

We are the European region with the lowest public debt (5% of GDP in 2009).

What is more, the centenary tradition of our industrial sector endorses the dependability of a strong, sustainable industrial base with a commitment to remain and a long-term vision.

02. Technological avant-garde

We are researching and developing innovative products and services that are avant-garde worldwide with the best, or on the same level as the best. We do "state-of-the-art" in all our cleantech sectors. Direct investment in Basque companies in R+D in 2007 amounted to 1.34% of GDP (compared with 0.71% and 1.17% of the Spanish and European average percentages, respectively).

03. Productivity

Labour productivity in our economic sector is number three in Europe, and achieved an index of 130.3 in 2009 (compared with the European average of 100).

04. Location

We are the ideal geographical gateway into Southern Europe from anywhere in the world. As a coastal region, we are totally accessible by sea. By land we are a natural corridor for communications which, by getting round the Pyrenees, links the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) with the rest of Europe.

05. Communications and logistics

We have modern, high capacity communications infrastructure by land (network of highways and motorways, railway network), by sea (2 first class commercial ports and we are part of the Atlantic Area maritime motorway), by air (3 airports) plus intermodal facilities and a comprehensive logistics offer. We also have modern, comprehensive telecommunications Infrastructure.

06. Language

Spanish (co-official language with Basque) enables us to establish optimum and fluid communications with Latin America and the Latin countries of the rest of Europe. English (a foreign language the teaching of which is compulsory in pre-primary, primary and secondary education) opens up the door to the world to us.

07. Clusterization

We have 12 business Clusters and 10 Associations which are strong and solvent. The forming of business associations and collaboration are deeply rooted among us and generate synergic capabilities that allow comprehensive products and services of great added value to be offered.

08. Low taxes

Autonomous fiscal regime with one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe (28%)

09. Investment Aids

The Basque Country's Institutions have a broad range of aids, which includes support for investment by means of repayable advances, low interest loans, favourable leases, tax incentives, professional training, support for job creation, grants for R+D projects and environmental protection, setting up of Technology Parks, etc.

For further information: www.euskadi.net

10. Specific tax deductions for cleantech

Companies that pay tax in the Basque Country and which invest in the Cleantechs included in the Basque List of Clean Technologies can deduct 30% of what they invest from their Corporate Taxes.

11. Collaboration and comprehensive public support

Specialised, strong Governmental institutions and organisations with internationally recognised prestige like the EVE (Basque Energy Board), IHOBE (Public Environmental Management Corporation), Innobasque or the SPRI, actively support the Basque business sector to increase its profile in innovation, efficiency and competitiveness.

12. Training and skills

We have the highest number of Master's degree holders in Science and Technology disciplines in the European Union, which is double the European average.

We have internationally known and recognised Universities and Faculties of Engineering: the Universities of the Basque Country, Navarre, Deusto and Mondragon.

13. Networked R+D+i

The Basque Network for Science, Technology and Innovation (Saretek) brings together the efforts of 90 public and private R+D+i organisations: R+D and Sectoral Centres, Co-operative Research Centres (CIC), Laboratories, Business Units, Universities, etc. By acting together they contribute technological solutions for specific developments.

14. Technology Parks

The Basque Network for Science, Technology and Innovation (Saretek) has four Technology Parks, infrastructure that enables advanced technology companies and research centres and advanced services to be set up alongside industrial and services activities of high innovative content. They are the Technology Parks of Araba (Miñano), Bizkaia (Zamudio), Donostia (Miramon) and Mondragon.

15. Land for industrial purposes

A broad offer of industrial land in strategic points of the territory. Industrial Estates adaptable to all enterprises and which have all the necessary services available beside each plot. The Industria Lurrak programme of the Sprilur Public Company offers attractive economic conditions for acquiring land, and simplifies the paperwork.

Cleantech projects

CIG Energigune

R+D+i The Basque Country has a Cooperative Research Centre, specialising in energy and particularly in energy storage (CIG Energigune) which brings together public and private efforts from its industrial and technological sector in this field. Currently, research priorities are electro-chemical energy storage

Hydrological plan

Hydrological planning Hydrological plan for the Basque Country's internal riverbeds, their strategic environmental evaulation and drafting the progmramme of measures

Basque Culinary Center

Susttainable building Created in 2009 thanks to Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Basque chefs and with the support of public institutions. The centre has a Faculty of Gastronomic Science. Orion Solar created the architectural integration of its photovoltaic installations.