Smart greenhouses

Farming eco-efficiency

Design and implementation of an Agro-industrial hub with top of the range smart greenhouses (with climate control and automatic organic irrigation), controlled atmosphere chambers and a horticultural product process and packaging plant in Chongqing (China).

Tags: Eco-efficient production & eco-design,

Participating companies


INKOA is an engineering and consultancy company founded in 1991, specialising in providing integrated and innovative solutions in the food sector at an international level. We provide integrated solutions, from consultancy tasks – an area in which we undertake studies and projects -, through to engineering which focuses on designing and integrating the most suitable systems, to the implementation of projects, completing our mission with the tasks of monitoring, training, technical assistance and the quest for financing.

We have 10 offices internationally and we have undertaken projects in more than 20 countries in Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

Inkoa is in permanent contact with multilateral financing bodies. Projects and technical assistance have been undertaken for the European Commission, the United Nations and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Inland Revenue.

Some outstanding Cleantech solutions

  • Water: systems for optimising the biological purification of Waste  water
  • Land/soil: prevention of contamination through pesticides
  • Other renewable energy:  development of  energy crops
  •  Ecoefficiency and ecodesign: greenhouses and intelligent climate rooms; integrated projects with innovative technologies for agricultural development, animal husbandry and herding and agricultural food; intelligent systems for traceability; development of biosensors, etc.

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