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Sader, a member of the Bajo Kadagua Odour Committee consisting of residents, institutions and companies), carried out an odour and odour impact study of its plant. This resulted in the installation of cleantech to prevent the generation of odours in the surrounding area.

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Participating companies


SADER is a limited company for the decontamination and elimination of waste and which was constituted in 1986. It focuses on the recycling, recovery and integrated treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and to which end they have the required  administrative authorisations.

SADER has extensive (20,000 m2) and well-equipped industry installations and with a capacity for treatment of 150,000 t/year, outstanding being their processes for physicochemical treatment, inertisation, classification and transference. The plant is located in Zorroza (Bilbao) and possesses jetties for marine access and direct loading/unloading operations for goods.

As an Authorised Management and Handling Agency, SADER focuses on the provision of services for recycling, recovery, treatment and transference of waste, while also providing technical assistance and advice in seeking environmental solutions for industry and government agencies, putting its experience, engineering and laboratory to good use in this respect.


Some outstanding Cleantech solutions

  • Waste:  integrated treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  •  Savings and energy efficiency: co-generation industry

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