Photovoltaic farms in Italy

Photovoltaic solar panels

GUASCOR solar farms in the regions of Lazio and Sicily,with 10.5 MW power, were equiped by ZIGOR with Sunzet 125 MV moldel inverters.

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Participating companies

Zigor Corporación

Zigor Corporación S.A. began its activity in 1998 as a high technology company within the Power Electronics sector. Our principal activity is based on the design, manufacture and marketing of energy conversion systems , on the development of solutions in Personalised Electronics and on renewable  energy. We are leaders in innovation for personalised solutions in Grid Quality, Solar Photovoltaic Systems and “key-in-the-hand” developments for Power Electronics . Zigor Corporación S.A. makes renewable, industrial, electrical and Telecom energy solutions available to the market; solutions that are the most varied and personalised and which are revolutionising the energy scenario, guaranteeing the building of a future based on uninterrupted supply and one free of incidents, enabling the exploitation to the full of investment and optimising energy savings.


Some outstanding Cleantech solutions

  • Wind generation:  mini wind turbines, wind inverters
  • Solar generation: on-grid
  • off-grid
  • hybrid inverters
  • Savings and efficiency energy: luminous flow regulators
  • UPS solutions for trouble-free DC energy
  • Smart Grids: hybrid systems and mini-grid
  • Energy storage:  batteries
  • Transport and mobility: filters for railway systems
  • systems for charging up electric vehicles

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GUASCOR, set up back in 1966, started out by manufacturing diesel engines, initially for marine applications and later for other applications. They were soon followed by gas engines used in a wide range of  applications and sectors.

Later on, it penetrated the world of Renewable Energies, Solar applications, Wind power applications, small-scale hydraulic and Bioenergy systems , together with a significant presence in the activity to Operate and Maintain industrial plants and energy facilities. This turned it into one of the global Corporations with a portfolio of the widest range of products in the world of energy, with the capacity to incorporate energy solutions by providing its clients with concrete solutions.

In May 2011, Guascor was taken over by Dresser Rand, one of the world’s  leading companies in solutions for high-performance rotary equipment for energy infrastructure, in the area of oil and gas as well as in environmental solutions.


Some noteworthy Cleantech solutions

  • Water: Energy use of biogas
  • Waste: Slurry treatment plants; energy use of biogas and syngas
  • Wind power:  Wind farms
  • Solar Photovoltaic plants
  • Other renewables: Small-scale hydraulic systems, Biomass, Biogas, Syngas, biofuels, etc.
  • Saving and efficiency Co
  • tri-generation plants

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