Lithium-ion batteries for electric cars

Mobile applications

High performance and light, they provide high power density, minimum discharge, high cyclability and no memory effect. The first prototypes are already available and the manufacture of electrodes and cells has begun.

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Participating companies


Since it was set up in 1934, the CEGASA Group has grown to become an international benchmark in energy storage solutions. It has 4 production companies, 15 international subsidiaries and its products are present in over 60 countries worldwide.

MOTION ENERGY is the division in the CEGASA Group that is an international benchmark in the devising, design, manufacture and marketing of Energy Systems and Traffic and Mobility Systems.



Some noteworthy Cleantech solutions

  • Waste:  Reverse logistics of waste electrical and electronic equipment, cells and batteries
  • Storage, Smart Grids:  System of energy storage based on lithium-ion technology; hydrogen fuel cell generating system for isolated and back-up applications; full range of electrochemical energy storage solutions; domestic line of popular batteries
  • Transport and mobility: Batteries for electric cars based on lithium-ion technology
  • ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems): Intelligent Systems for Traffic Control and Mobility

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