Legal and institutional consolidation instruments to support waste planning

Planning instruments

Definition of the Public Urban Waste Integral Management Public Entity, and legal and technical consultancy for the creation of the Gipuzkoa Urban Waste Consortium.

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Participating companies

Mas Abogados

We are a company dedicated to  legal consultancy and advice. Founded in 1993 by qualified professionals providing solutions of added value to urban and environmental problems and, in general, to all those arising from dealings with public administration authorities. The  structure of MAS Lawyers is made up of an inter-professional team outstanding amongst which is the team of lawyers who focus on special administration law, and which also has a wide range of collaborators.

MAS Lawyers specialises in finding efficient solutions between the company and Public Administration and has a legal-financial department specifically dealing with Sustainable Development and the correct solution to environmental questions.

Some outstanding Cleantech solutions

Water: legislation, licences and permissions/ concessions/ help and advice with public bodies/ design of new policies/ drawing up Plans and Programmes/ drafts of norms relating to legislative Bills/ Governance and Sustainable Development/ Waste: strategic reflection/ design of new policies/ drawing up Plans and Programmes/ drafts of norms relating to legislative Bills/ Technical Assistance/ Governance and Sustainable Development/ Land: legislation/ financing studies/ recovery management/ strategic reflection/ drafting Plans and Programmes/legislative bills on norms/ Climate Change: legislative bills on Norms/ Plans in the fight against CC / Transport and mobility: Strategic Plan for Sustainable Transport in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (CAPV/EAE)/ design  of model for single CAPV/EAE Authority, design for Transport Observatory in the CAPV/EAE / Building and urban planning  research, analysis and diagnosis of Urban Planning/ General and Development Planning.

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