EDAR Galindo, Bilbao


EDAR which provides services to the Metroploitan Bilbao area, created for the equivalent of over 1 million inhabitants.

Elecnor & Iberese took part in the building of the sludge reduction and reuse system.

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Participating companies


Elecnor is one of the main Spanish companies in engineering, infrastructure development and construction projects, renewable energies and new technologies.

Since it began its activities in 1958, Elecnor has always yielded positive results and continual growth throughout its business trajectory. The company is listed on the Continuous Market of the Spanish Stock Market.

Elecnor has been diversifying its business and has penetrated various sectors which today cover four large business areas: Elecnor Infraestructuras, Elecnor Renovables, Elecnor Concesiones and Elecnor Deimos, its R+D area.

Its international expansion has been of a strategic nature and has been translated into a stable presence in over 20 countries, through investee and affiliated companies located abroad, as well as through projects generated directly from Spain.

Some noteworthy Cleantech solutions:

  • Water and environment: Supply and waste water disposal infrastructure; environmental infrastructure
  • Wind generation: Wind farms
  • Solar generation: Photovoltaic and thermosolar solar plants; rooftop installations
  • Other renewables: Hydroelectric power stations
  • Energy saving and efficiency: Thermal and industrial plants; gas infrastructure/ Smart Grids Electricity transmission and distribution networks
  • Transport and mobility: Railway; High Speed
  • Building and urban planning:  Building and town planning building and maintenance of infrastructure and buildings; Facilities
  • Others Technology: systems for Space and ICTs.

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IBERESE, S.A. is a company dedicated to the  construction engineering of power generation plants, founded in 1987 and part of the VALORIZA energy group.

IBERESE focuses its  activity on undertaking power generation projects, mainly through  renewable and co-generation sources, as well as mechanical and electrical  Installations and equipment for enhancing energy efficiency.

IBERESE normally acts as a “key-in-the-hand” project and building contractor, undertaking the design, purchase of equipment and installations, the project and works management and putting the project into operation, while also being able to act exclusively as an engineering consultancy. In those cases where the customers request it, IBERESE carries out the Operation, Maintenance and Management of their power plants, optimising both its technical and financial results.

The activities of IBERESE are complemented with carrying out mechanical and electrical projects, as well as Works research and undertakings aimed at enhanced energy management for industry and buildings and in services.
IBERESE transforms the energy requirements of its customers into reliable, profitable, novel and environmentally-friendly solutions.


Some outstanding Cleantech solutions:

  • Waste:  waste-to-energy solutions
  • Treatment plants and processes and sludge reduction
  • Solar Generation:  thermosolar plants
  • Other renewable energy: sources biomass plants
  • Savings and energy efficiency: co-generation.

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