Control & regulation systems

Hydroelectricity generation

Ingecon® Hydro is a system which integrates all the functions required to regulate and control a hydroelectricity plant (turbines regulator, alternator, automation and protection, SCADA, etc.). With minimum wiring and engineering, it reduces the overall cost.

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Participating companies


Ingeteam is a leading company specialised in electrical engineering and the development of electrical equipment, motors, generators and frequency converters and which goes back to 1972. Ingeteam applies its products principally in four sectors: energy, industry, marine and railway traction, always seeking to optimise energy consumption, as well as to maximise efficiency in power generation.

Ingeteam is currently a global business enterprise Group which has manufacturing centres in Europe and North America, and an extensive network of subsidiaries which enables it to operate worldwide.



Some outstanding Cleantech solutions

  • Generation of wind energy: power converters, electrical generators, pitch control systems, control solutions, systems for the integrated management of wind energy parks and both onshore and offshore services
  • Solar generation: thermosolar and photovoltaic equipment and plant; wide range of inverters that adapt to any type of photovoltaic installation
  • Other renewable energy sources: projects and supplies for biomass plants, hybridisation, biofuels, hydroelectric utility and biogas
  • Savings and energy efficiency: projects and supplies for co-generation plants
  • Smart Grids: solutions for protection, control, measurement and automation of grids
  • Transport and mobility: infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles; projects and supplies for the marine sector (electrical plants, propulsion and automation); projects and supplies for railway traction (traction systems, energy recovery systems)

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