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2025 grids. Development of technological solutions for the Spanish electricity grid in 2025

R+D+i project Strategic macroproject with 5 components: power electronic applications; integration of distributed resources; electricity storage; superconductors; information management.

Cleantechs: Smart Grids,

Adapting to CC

Adaptation K-Egokitzen is a project focussing on developing strategies, plans and specific measures to adapt water resources to climate change, as well as coastal waters, urban areas, infrastructures, land and marine ecosystems, farming & forest resources and fishing resources in the Basque Country by evaluating their vulnerability.

Cleantechs: Climate change,

Advanced solutions for recycling electrical and electronic waste recycling

Electrical and electronic waste recycling Indumetal uses its own technology to decomtaminate recycled materials and components from electrical and electronic waste: iron, aluminium, copper concentrates with precious metals, plastics and glass.

Cleantechs: Waste,

Aircraft noise reduction programme

Air transport Development of a vibratory and acoustic model to evaluate interior noise reduction solutions, including acoustic insulation, active noise control treatments and active acoutsic-structural control.

Cleantechs: Transport & mobility,

Andasol solar complex

Thermal solar energy plant Andasol was the world's first and largest thermal solar energy complex to store thermal energy. It consists of three thermal energy plants (Andasol-1,2 & 3), each representing 50 MW, located in Granada. Designed by SENER and built by COBRA, it uses supplies from various different companies present in this catalogue.

Cleantechs: Solar energy,

Automation solutions

Systems ZIV is the leader of the CIAD XXI project for the development of technologies enabling power distribution to be automated: medium voltage electricity and the remote and smart detection of breakdowns.

Cleantechs: Smart Grids,

BAIP 2020: Smart fishing vessels

Sea transport GUASCOR makes its knowledge and experience in marien propsulsion available to the research macro-project CENIT, which will enable the construction of the 2020 fishing vessel, ie. an automated smart and multi-purpose vessel.

Cleantechs: Transport & mobility,

Basque Culinary Center

Susttainable building Created in 2009 thanks to Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Basque chefs and with the support of public institutions. The centre has a Faculty of Gastronomic Science. Orion Solar created the architectural integration of its photovoltaic installations.

Cleantechs: Building & urban development,

Battery services

Working of critical systems Batteries are the Achille's heel of critical energy systems. AEG Power Solutions is developing maintenance and stringent testing services (impedance, thermal scans, etc.) to ensure optimum yield and longevity.

Cleantechs: Storage,

Biopleatics & biocomposites

Biobased materials Proyecto Etorgai for the development of applications based on thermoplastic and thermostable bioplastic and biocomposite materials from renewable biological sources which are alternatives to oil.

Cleantechs: Materials,