Profile of companies and organisations

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Cleantech projects

Superinsulating aerogels with nanotechnology

Building materials Tecnalia leads the European EUROCOINs project for developing aerogels with thermal, acoustic and electrical insulation properties which reduce the amount of energy required to heat or cool the building.

Nanobasque, the Basque nanorevolution

Basque industrial policy With its nanoBasque 2015 strategy, the Basque Government is promoting the incorporation of micro and nanotechnologies in Basque companies through four strategic areas of deployment: materials, micro-nano-bio convergence, ''facilitating'' tools and techniques, and safety. The Basque nanouniverse today has

Legal and institutional consolidation instruments to support waste planning

Planning instruments Definition of the Public Urban Waste Integral Management Public Entity, and legal and technical consultancy for the creation of the Gipuzkoa Urban Waste Consortium.