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Latest generation combined cycle

Large scale efficient generation General Electric designed the equipment (GE 9FB gas turbine, steam turbine and generator) which will define a new standard for high efficiency and flexible combined cycle plants, with yields greater than 61% base load. The turbines were

Zabalgarbi, urban waste recovery plant in Bilbao

Energy recovery from waste SENER has designed and patented a large number of innovations aimed at increasing the efficiency of energy recovery from urban waste. The first application of these advanced solutions was the at the ZABALGARBI plant, where urban waste

Environmental reference steel works in Sestao

Air quality In the 1970s in the Bilbao conurbation, a geographical area of 15 x 10 km was home to a full steel works, two thermal power stations, sulphide plants, a refinery, several checmical plants, glass works, etc. in an urban