Solar energy

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Cleantech projects

Gemasolar, the first commercial plant in operation with central tower technology and a molten salt receiver

Thermal solar energy The Gemasolar plant is located in the province of Seville and is the first commercial plant in the world with tower technology and a field of heliostats which incorporates a thermal storage system using molten salts as a

Photovoltaic farms in Italy

Photovoltaic solar panels GUASCOR solar farms in the regions of Lazio and Sicily,with 10.5 MW power, were equiped by ZIGOR with Sunzet 125 MV moldel inverters.

Hybrid cycle in Morocco & Algeria

Hybrid cycle in Morocco & Algeria Hassi R´Mel (ALgeria, 150 MW) and Ain Beni Mathar (Morocco, 450 MW) are the first ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle) plants in operation in the world. They are combined cycles which improve the efficiency of

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