Energy saving & efficiency

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Cleantech projects

Metro Bilbao

Equipment for energy recovery Metro Bilbao has incorporated a regenerating system to recover 8.26 % of its energy aimed at railway traction using a reversible electric substation . It also has systems to recover braking energy.

Energy saving in high consumption industrial processes

Systems & applications OPTIBAT® energy is a latest generation software product to optimise high energy consumption processes. It is valid for continuous or batch processes: cogeneration, drying, refrigeration, ovens, foundries, steel plants.

Cogeneration ring

Cogeneration The University of Santiago de Compostela has a 3.1 MW “cogeneration ring“ made up of 10 natural gas cogeneration modules (motor-alternator units) which supply thermal and electrical power to different faculties. It uses Guascor 310 kW gas engines and a

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