Eco-efficient production & eco-design

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Cleantech projects

Eco-design innovation cluster: Basque Ecodesign Center

Eco-design The Basque Ecodesign Center is an entity with its head office in the Basque Country, consisting of a framework for collaboration between private sector companies and the Basque Government, whose aim is to design and implement innovative eco-design projects. This

Smart greenhouses

Farming eco-efficiency Design and implementation of an Agro-industrial hub with top of the range smart greenhouses (with climate control and automatic organic irrigation), controlled atmosphere chambers and a horticultural product process and packaging plant in Chongqing (China).

Sector-based guide of machine tool eco-design

Industrial eco-efficiency The guide presents sector-based eco-design strategies aimed at the machine tool sector, offering practical solutions to incorporate the environmental variable of the product's design. It is based on a life cycle analysis method.

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