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Cleantech projects

Environmental reference steel works in Sestao

Air quality In the 1970s in the Bilbao conurbation, a geographical area of 15 x 10 km was home to a full steel works, two thermal power stations, sulphide plants, a refinery, several checmical plants, glass works, etc. in an urban

Desulphurisation in the petro-chemical industry

Atmospheric emissions The Petronor refinery's different desulphurisation units avoid rejecting sulphur oxide emissions into the atmosphere. With residual sulphur, BEFESA Desulphurisation produces sulphuric acid, oleum and energy which it feeds into the grid.

Public private agreement

Odours Sader, a member of the Bajo Kadagua Odour Committee consisting of residents, institutions and companies), carried out an odour and odour impact study of its plant. This resulted in the installation of cleantech to prevent the generation of odours in

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