Our cleantech catalogue

BASQUE CLEANTECH - To make the world a better place

What for and Why?

We created cleantech products and services to make towns and cities, economic sectors and our lifestyle more sustainable; to contribute, at the end of the day, towards making the world a better place.

We want to share our Cleantech capabilities with you and some of our references. That's why we have produced this Catalogue. Cleantechs can be classified in numerous ways. We're going to introduce them to you like this>>>


Catalogue Sections

In Section "OUR CLEANTECHS", for each of our typologies of cleantech solutions, we will be showing you:

> The companies and associate organisations that form its value chain
> The ambit and focus of our work
> A list of products and services
> A small selection of the work done by our associates

In Section "Profile of companies and organisations" there is a full list of our associates in alphabetical order with notes on each one and their areas of operation.

Finally, in Section "Fact sheets of companies and organisations" we include individual fact sheets with more detailed information about each enterprise and organisation (description, products, services, some references, etc.).

Cleantech projects

Interconnection of energy efficient household appliances

Systems & applications Participation in the BeyWatch European project for the design of an integral energy monitoring and control system: domestic supply and use using the interconnection of energy efficient household appliances.

Plant to obtain biocoal (biocarbon) in Urnieta (Gipuzkoa)

Biomass The innovative project applies Torspyd technology for biomass roasting and its subsequent reuse as a fuel in co-combustion in thermal power plants as an alternative to fossil carbon and oil derivatives in both industrial and domestic applications.

Public private agreement

Odours Sader, a member of the Bajo Kadagua Odour Committee consisting of residents, institutions and companies), carried out an odour and odour impact study of its plant. This resulted in the installation of cleantech to prevent the generation of odours in