Cleantech Basque

  • In this Catalogue we are pleased to present the CLEANTECH SOLUTIONS available in the Basque Country; they belong toACLIMA (The Cluster Association of Environmental Industries of the Basque Country) and the Energy Cluster (The Cluster Association of Energy Industries of the Basque Country).

    As far as we are concerned, they are CLEANTECH solutions (also known as Clean Technologies) because they make available products and/or services that create value by using limited or zero non-renewable resources, and by generating significantly less waste than what is offered commercially by conventional technologies.

    They are BASQUE solutions because they include products and/or services offered by companies located in the Basque Country and who are members of ACLIMA and the ENERGY CLUSTER.Both Clusters have a Triple Helix configuration bringing together companies, institutions, academia/research with the aim of promoting competitiveness that is underpinned by sustainability.This competitiveness is achieved through processes that maximize innovation, efficiency and the internationalisation of companies.

    This catalogue has been designed as a practical, living tool to showcase the Cleantech capabilities existing in the Basque Autonomous Community (region), and can be approached through three different strands:

    Value chains (Our Cleantechs)

    We do hope that it will be useful, and we urge more Basque companies to join our catalogue.

    Here you can download the full Cleantech Catalogue.


Cleantech projects

Sector-based guide of machine tool eco-design

Industrial eco-efficiency The guide presents sector-based eco-design strategies aimed at the machine tool sector, offering practical solutions to incorporate the environmental variable of the product's design. It is based on a life cycle analysis method.

Control & regulation systems

Hydroelectricity generation Ingecon® Hydro is a system which integrates all the functions required to regulate and control a hydroelectricity plant (turbines regulator, alternator, automation and protection, SCADA, etc.). With minimum wiring and engineering, it reduces the overall cost.

Development of the method for calculating the carbon footprint and its calculation for Bangchak Petroleum Company, Thailand

Tools for mitigating climate change The project's aim is to consolidate the ability of Bangchak Petroleum Company to help plan, implement and achieve a carbon neutral business model. To do so, Factor CO2 provides technical assistance to Bangchak Petroleum Company through